Dr. Kelly Brown, Dental Entrepreneur Describes the Custom Dental Vision

Going into business for yourself certainly has many advantages.

You can hit the ground running, building a business to last you your working lifetime that fits into your unique lifestyle desires.  You can stand up for your beliefs and design your very own elite business, joining a dental revolution that’s raising the standard for compassionate, community-oriented, quality dental care.

But, for most dentists who are just starting out, going into business by yourself just isn’t financially possible.

Opening your own business is pricey, in excess of $300,000 and up and most recent Dental School Graduates either are already in debt or they aren’t in a financial situation where they’re able to shoulder financial burden.  Unfortunately, this leads many exemplary dentists to join big box dental firms, where they’re forced to provide hurried, impersonal and sub-par care to their patients just to make ends meet.   

That’s where Custom Dental comes in.

By working together with the Custom Dental Process, we offer dentists a faster and more practical way to launch their own practice.  With Kelly Brown as their business partner, our dentists benefit from over 4 decades of dentistry and business experience, expertise and advice, as well as the hard work of the entire Custom Dental Training and Support Team.

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"We had a conversation a while back about student loans. In less than 2 and 1/2 years I have cut my rather sizable student and business loans in half. Thanks to you and Custom Dental, I am paying off my loans way faster than I thought would be possible. - Dr. Chad Wassink DDS "